How to Debug MySQLi Bind Parameters

Using MySQLi and bind parameters were a little bit of a change for me as I’m sure it was for others as well.  Once you understand how it works, it’s not really too bad. One thing I’ve found while doing some research, I’ve noticed a lot of others wondering how to output the “old style” SQL statement when using bind …

LukeHow to Debug MySQLi Bind Parameters

I’m Back :)

Hello All, It’s been a while since I’ve written or updated any plugins.  It’s amazing how fast time flies by when you’re busy.  I plan on doing some updates to the EZ Staff List plugin within the next few weeks. Just thought I’d let you know I found my WordPress Admin panel again haha 🙂

LukeI’m Back :)

EZ Staff List

The easy staff list plugin was design to help those individuals that have a hard time formatting a nice table based layout in the WYSIWYG.  You can easily add new staff members with a link to a photo, add an “about” section, and also add in the staff member hours. <strong>Current Version:</strong> 0.6 <strong>Release Date:</strong> 10/22/2012 <strong>Server Requirements:</strong> PHP5, libxslt, …

LukeEZ Staff List

PHP Array Pagination

There are some cases where you need to have paging for an array that is not returned from a MySQL database, for example, if you are using some kind of API that returns XML then you convert that into an array, the results could get very large.  If you need to break these out into pages, check this class out: …

LukePHP Array Pagination

Repair a Serialized Array

Serialized arrays can come in handy. In fact, I’ve been using them a lot lately.  Of course, I ran into an error when I could not unserialize the array do to an offset error. Below are 2 functions that that work with each other.  Now I can not take credit for these functions and I’m really sorry that I don’t …

LukeRepair a Serialized Array

Force Data To Be UTF-8 Compliant

Most of the programming I do is with very strict languages like XML and of course if you work a lot with XML you may find yourself dealing with a lot of UTF-8 type of errors.  About 95% of the errors come from users that copy and past from Microsoft Word… (argh!!!) … I’m so glad I’m a MAC user …

LukeForce Data To Be UTF-8 Compliant

Recursive Grep in Linux

A simple command finding a string recursively in the current directory. find . -type f | xargs grep ‘your string’   To grep a different folder replace the . with your directory path find /home/user/folder -type f | xargs grep ‘your string’   Hope that helps! That command goes pretty fast for me.

LukeRecursive Grep in Linux

How To Re-order columns in MySQL

So far, I’ve only used this a small handful of times, but I just need it someone where I can reference pretty quick.  If you find this post, I hope it helps you too. ALTER TABLE table_name MODIFY COLUMN column_name_to_move longtext AFTER column_name ALTER TABLE table_name MODIFY COLUMN column_name_to_move longtext BEFORE column_name ALTER TABLE table_name MODIFY COLUMN column_name_to_move longtext FIRST …

LukeHow To Re-order columns in MySQL

jQuery Datatables

If you’re looking for a slick way of populating data into a table using jQuery, look no further then the datatables plugin.  Several Options and great documentation. Take a look here I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

LukejQuery Datatables

Open Source PHP Framework

If you are a PHP developer and looking for a clean and flexible framework to use, I would suggest looking at phpOpenFW.  It was actually created by a developer that I know personally. The entire framework is up to standards and is easy to use. It has built-in authentication to multiple database types, including MySQL of course. Check out the …

LukeOpen Source PHP Framework